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Transferware Treasures

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day
In the Cafe
Clara's Dream
Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise
Clara and Ollie
The Postman arrives
Finding an outfit
The Haberdashery
Small Creatures and Big Creatures
What Microbes Eat
The number of microbes in a teaspoon of soil
How microbes help us
The Christmas Eve Tree
The discarded tree
Gathering mud from the river
The crowds gathered
The Magic of Christmas Eve
Dolls' House Colouring Book
The Dolls
The Orangery
Transferware Treasures
Transferware Treasures III
Transferware Treasures II
Transferware Treasures I
Fine Fruits and Vegetables
Kirkgate Bootmaker
Kirkgate Gentlemen's Outfitter
Kirkgate Hardware Shop
Kirkgate Clockmaker
Kirkgate Music Shop
Kirkgate Tobacconist
Kirkgate Grocer
Dickens at Christmas
Slightly Foxed
The Incredible Journey
Watership Down
A Handful of Dust
John Keats selected poems
Round the Christmas Fire
Night Horseman
Shelf Appeal
The Culinarist
Curiosity Shop
Transferware Treasures
Hand bound limited edition book
Cloth slipcase and concertina binding
Published by the Fleece Press 2014
Edition of 250
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